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Testosterone is the crucial male hormone that establishes many traits of men the most significant of them being the sexual drive. There’s a 1 percent to 2 percent decline in testosterone levels each year beginning from the age of thirty. If the levels of this male hormone are extremely low or if you would like to increase your testosterone levels there are a number of options available. The primary target of all of these testosterone replacement cures is to restore the levels of this crucial hormone to that of a good twenty-five to thirty year old man. There are 1 or 2 prescription based injections too boost testosterone levels that are thought to be safe and effective.

These injections need to be taken twice a week. However there also are alternative additions that may be termed as testosterone boosters. An explicit nutritive system can help in achieving perfect levels of this hormone without the requirement of injections in numerous cases. A mix of following vitamins and nutrients can be brought to boost your testosterone levels. Vitamins E – 5 hundred IU, Zinc- fifty mg, Manganese – five mg, Royal Jelly – 3k mg, Evening Primrose oil- 3k mg, Magnesium- 500 mg, Selenium – fifty mcg, Ginseng – 3k mg and Vitamin B-complex – one tablet. The above combination taken everyday will help the male body cope with the natural decline of testosterone. Ginseng acts as a glandular tonic helping improve the working of testicles. Royal jelly which is loaded in choline helps improve sexual performance and reply. Evening primrose oil supplies trans-acids that help in the production d release of male hormones. Zinc can turbo-charge male potency and decreases prostate issues like swelling.

Vitamin E and magnesium braces heart and circulation including blood supply to the pelvic area. The most suitable option is to try the already mentioned supplement first and witness the results before option for traditional drugs to raise your testosterone levels.

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